Feb 3, 2012


Back in August we hosted Get in the Saddle with Levi’s and Urban Outfitters at Ace Hotel New York — the mobile bike shop is part of a celebration for the release of the 511 Commuter. This cross-country journey is now culminating in Portland at the Oregon Manifest, an organization and celebration that believes bikes make the world a better place for everyone. We feel the same way.

Oregon Manifest is celebrating their challenge this weekend September 23 & 24 with a competition to design and build the ultimate utility bike. They are a pretty amazing organization — “We exist to celebrate and amplify bike craft, design and innovation. We believe that real innovation happens in workshops, garages, design houses and schools. We value the process of making, the spirit of ingenuity and the passion of brave undertakings.”

Keep an eye out for our friend Jordan Hufnagel’s creation. He’ll also be making a few custom bikes for Ace Portland with the help from our friends at Levi’s. Stay posted for that unveiling soon.

You can find the Levi’s x UO Bike shop around Portland throughout the weekend — on Friday at PNCA from 4-8pm and at the Chris King manufactory Saturday from 2:30-6pm.

Feb 3, 2012

Dead Presidents: The Blue Goose (and Other Presidential Perks)

“The Presidency is but a splendid misery” - Thomas Jefferson, May 13, 1797

With the Presidency comes certain luxuries and trappings, and certain shackles. The President gets to live and work in a magnificent 132-room, 6-floor mansion that has become the principle symbol of democracy since…